You can buy this polka dot shirt at The Velveteen Closet. More vintage clothes and hand beaded jewelry coming soon!



^These^ are four sketchbook pages for a textile project that I loosely based on the movie "Freaks" and three of the many images that I gathered for that same project.


#1 Galliano, #2 I don't remember, #3 a picture I took in Mississippi of a mall carousel.

Above, are swatches that I screen printed following all of my visual research. I used foiling, pigment discharge, hand dying, burnout, and fabric bonding techniques for this collection.



Here are some photos from the shoot a few weeks ago based on the sea, remember? Come on it's a sneak peak, there will be more.
This is my lovely little sister (isn't she a doll?) in clothes that will be up for sale in my new Etsy shop "The Velveteen Closet". Coming soon . . . check me out bitches . . . opening on Cinco de Mayo.



Some pieces ^ I altered for another Di Pietro Todd photoshoot. The inspiration was loosely based on the beach. And these were the photos that I pulled some of my color inspiration from. . .



I am not completely sure how many of these I am allowed to post so - here are a select few headshots from a photoshoot I styled last September. As always, Di Pietro Todd is responsible for the amazing hair. I LOVE working with you DPT.

Location outakes (even though they aren't the best) and the pile of clothes and accessories that I used for the ^shoot^. The gray hat on Moi is the fur felt hat that I still have not finished.


This straw hat I made was inspired by my visual research of Tibet's beautiful people and clothing. Below are some sketchbook images that resulted from that research which in turn helped me make ^that^ hat. Thanks Tibet.