^These^ are four sketchbook pages for a textile project that I loosely based on the movie "Freaks" and three of the many images that I gathered for that same project.


#1 Galliano, #2 I don't remember, #3 a picture I took in Mississippi of a mall carousel.

Above, are swatches that I screen printed following all of my visual research. I used foiling, pigment discharge, hand dying, burnout, and fabric bonding techniques for this collection.


Lecon de vetement said...

I want and need these fabrics!! These are sooo beautiful!!!

AISHA said...

Awwww thanks honey! I'm so flattered . . . you just made my day.

Lola Devlin said...

This is still my favorite collection you have ever done. Miss you girlie!!! we need to make this someday. xxx

AISHA said...

i know! i still dream about this collection. and i miss you too :(